You Should Really Listen to the Bus Conductor

If you’re anything like me, you often take a public bus to work and by that I mean a black-striped yellow bus or danfo not the BRT. Have you ever wondered though, how much hassle you can save yourself and others on some of these trips you embark upon?

Let me give you a scenario.

You’re heading to Obalende from Ikeja and there are at least 8 stops in between. It’s not your first time so you have a fair idea of what to expect.

Conductor: Obalende CMS, wole pelu N150 change e (Board with your change). Berger, ma wole o, mi duro ni Berger. (Don’t board if Berger is your stop, I won’t be stopping there)

People get on the bus, you amongst them and the journey begins. Then, the conductor asks for the fare and you hand him N1000 bill. Hmmm.. wahala don start.

Conductor: Bros, I tell you say I no get change. You get N200 make I find N50 give you? (Bros, I told you I don’t have change. Give me N200 so I give you N50)

You: I no get. Na me go dey find change for you? Abeg, give me change jare. (I don’t have. Am I to find you change? Please, give me my balance, jare)

Conductor: Where I go find change give una? I don tell you before you enter.. (Where will I get change? I told you before you boarded..)

Passenger 2: Conductor, Berger wa o. No take me pass my bus stop, ehen (Conductor, stop at Berger. Don’t take me past my stop)

Conductor: Berger bawo? I don talk say I no dey stop for Berger. Driver, Stop for Iyana oworo (Berger? I told you I’m not stopping there. Driver, stop at Iyana oworo)

Passenger: I no pay you? Na Berger I dey go (Didn’t I pay you? I’m going to Berger)

Well, it’s your guess how that journey goes.  This may seem like something to laugh about, a trivial matter. But that depends on the people involved and the day in particular.  Any number of things can go awry. Here are a few insights;

  • Everyone on that bus is involved. They are forced to listen as you, Passenger 2 and the conductor exchange words. The bus becomes noisier than it previously was. Do you know that frequent exposure to noise can cause hearing impairment, sleep disturbance and hypertension?
  • People get angry. Do you know that constantly getting angry can lead to brain damage and heart disease?
  • The driver gets distracted. In 2013, the USA recorded that 3154 dies as a result of distracted driving. What do you think the numbers are in Nigeria? That’s not how to go.
  • Someone may lose their money and then have a terrible attitude about it which may lead to a terrible day for someone else. The bus may in fact stop against the conductors will for Passenger 2 and then get grounded by thugs. You know who I mean. More often than not, we fail to empathize with transport workers but we really should sometimes
  • Passengers 6 and 8 get to work late because the bus was delayed by thugs when the bus stopped for Passenger 2. Passenger 6 gets a query.

See a cycle here? A little consideration goes a long way. Save or prolong a life today. Listen to the bus conductor!