Our road, our habit, our attitude, our safety, our life!

Bj! Bj! Bj!!! I screamed/yelled after hearing his voice in the compound. Its been a while I have seen Bj around, for more
clearity/fyi, Bj happened to be my neighbor, he isa great guy, cool, fashionista, also wam and friendly. I have been
wanting to see him as regards my energy solution that I wanted him and the next neighbor to buy having procrastinated
for a while, but recession don bite sotey I need sit up.
Bros! I hailed. Its been a while, you sure say you stil dey this town?
Bj: Guy, if I tell you say I sabi where I dey sef? Na lie I dey lie, since the beginning of this year, I no fit categorically say
na the job wey I don do be this, na small e remain I for say somebody for somewhere dey do me. I never settle
Me: All is well, I believe say na the recession, e dey affect plenty people too, and I believe u go balance soon. Before I
could end my statement, my friend and flatmate interjects. Bj, how far? How your car? So you no get any car for now?
Bj: Yes o
Niran: Na wa ooo
Wetin happen sef, kilo shele gan gan?
Bj: O boy, I just fixed my camry o, alfa (mechanic) said he has to repair some stuffs that cost me 100k, the next day, na
im I say make I go see one of my clients and omajuwa
Niran: Same Omajuwa? Twitter guy?
Bj: Yes.
Niran: Okay.
Bj: As I enter Dolphin, you sabi say that plane dey always dey water logged no matter the season? Na im I just enter one
water hear, gbaga gbaga! Chai, well, I drove on, saw Omajuwa and my other clients. I even drove to the island and back
like three (3) times, only for me to drive to the factory the next day. Say make I pack some clothes go give some clients
o, as I dey walk back to the car,na im I see say water and oildey drip, fear catch me, I begin dey pray make e no b wetin I
dey reason. Immediately,n aim I call alfa, he sent his boy, that one check am talk say, e no get as he won do am, say the
car nogo fit comot from where e dey so, and they go need remove the engine fix the problem for there as the gear stick
don dey affected. I won craze!!!! I con decide to kuku use uber for my movement, as I carry my phone, say make I open
the app, call uber, na im my phone off!, I just weak!
Niran: E e ya!
Bj: Na im I just say, God, I know I have been proud,I agree, abeg, forgive me!
Na im I just conclude say na keke and public bus get me today, thank God say I get plenty 50-50 naira change,na im I
tell the keke napep guy for my office say, baba,any where I dey go today,na u go take me there, and after wards I used
some public transport buses, e no funny.
Niran: na wa, wetin con do your wife car?

Bj: That one, na God save me say I no dey police coustody now, the okada wey jam me be won change am for me. Na
because I sabi I.G pikin, na why the tori dey like this.
Niran: Kiloshele gangan?
Bj: As my car don break down,n aim I follow madam yarn (wife) say make I use her car go meet my clients outside
lagos, as I dey go, just around berger, as I say make I make u-turn, n aim this okada rider just take oneway, smashed into
the my bonnet, flew up, hit the bonnet and also damaged the driver’s door side. The guy wey him carry, won do james
bond, him sef go jump comot for the bike back, now them dey try do scan to confirm if he no dey bleed for inside him
Niran: Oga o
Bj: Na so we see am, I just week, all in the space of a week, and the mechanic for Elizade dey bill me 900k plus. I don
tell the insurance people who, the lady wey dey interface between me and them say the price too much make I carry am
comot, I con ask am, shey make I go road side mechanic?
Niran: Lols, na wetin dem go want, but she no go fit talk am straight.
Bj: Abi o
Femi: They wont want to sound uprofessional
Femi: Whao, that’s a lot, but thank God it was insured.
Niran: You see, thank God for me in your life, you see say wetin I tell you paid off, I say insure your cars.
Bj: I had to take the idiots to the hospital, and agreed to pay for them, at the police station, they almost turned everything
on me, say na me cause the accident, thank God for God sha.
Femi: Well, we thank God o,…….. as we were about to continue, his beautiful wife came in, and he flashed the touch
light to her pathway, only for her to hit her leg on the woods nailed on the ground by bricklayers executing the building
project in our compound to determine the level they want to raise the ground level , we dashed to where she was and the
husband petted her and we all went to our various apartment.

Some might ask, why the long story. It is meant to remind you that that your unsafe act, impatience and disregards for
road safety rules, will definitely someday lead to the injury of someone, or claim a life/lives claim, and who says yours
might not be included? A visit to Igbobi few years back when my mum had a road accident made me value life more,
appreciate good health, and see what a lot of people are suffering from the unsafe action and condition put in place by
ignorant or uncaring “others”.
Take a trip to Igbobi General hospital’s accident ward, a visit will convince you.
Lets show love, lets show some care, roads are not for rushing, it is not a race track, neither is it a slaughter
Be safety smart.