Staying Safe on a Proper Lagos/Naija Street

Everyone of us have to walk through at least a street on a daily basis to fulfill tasks which varies from going to a workplace, visiting a friend, or to finally returning to our own home at the end of the day.

A street is a vital link to any location. Some are guaranteed safe due to the caliber of people that live on it, the presence of security personnel on them or even due to the fact that an incident that can classify it as being unsafe has never occurred. Some streets are dubbed as highly unsafe, as the potential of you getting hurt wherever you pass through them is high and thus your maximum security cannot be guaranteed.

This article will be sharing with you tips on how to stay safe on the street and avoid being harmed.

  1. Be alert always: The key to staying safe on the street is to be alert always. When you are alert, it makes it easier to recognize potential dangers that may be looming. You will be able to notice the person(s) or anything whatsoever that might cause you harm and thus be able to decipher how to avoid them without wasting time. Example of things to look out for and avoid includes;
  • A crowd of young guys
  • A group of individuals
  • Someone covering his/her face
  • Peoples body language
  • A smoking joint or the smell of Igbo/cocaine/Indian hemp
  • Angry looking individuals or groups


  1. Always trust your feelings/inner man:

There were times we are about to do something in the past and you had something telling you not to do it and an incident later happened that if you had gone ahead and disobeyed what  your instinct instructed, you would have been been involved.

Thus, it is safe to also obey or instruct. You do not have to wait, regardless of whether or not the street seems safe at that moment or not. It is safety smart to find the nearest exit off that street.


  1. Avoid Isolated streets:

When a street is populated with people, the chances of you being attacked in the presence of other passerbys is low, thus avoid going through streets that can get abandoned by people in a short time.


  1. Learn to use your voice :

In the event you feel threatened or about to be hit or locked down by a stranger, the only potent ammunition you might have at time may be just your voice and an ability to use it effectively can determine if you will get out safe or not, making shouts like ole (theif) pronounced “ho-lay” will definitely pull attention to you, thus attract people who would come to your rescue.


  1. Find out more about the street you are about visiting:

Back in the days, locations like Oshodi, Mushin, Apapa etc were highly dreaded due to their high crime rate and insecurity level. Now things have changed over the years but knowing more about the streets you are heading will help you prepare ahead and learn what to do to stay safe when you eventually get there.


  1. Shine Your Eyes! And do not block your ears:

Lagos streets are filled with angry drivers. To stay safe it is wise to listen well and let your eyes be focused to your surroundings, so as to prevent being knocked down. There have been stories of pedestrians killed oncoming trains, vehicles etc. due to their unsafe action of blocking their ears with headphone, and believing no vehicle would come through their path as it either a one way.

Good advice- In Lagos anything is possible e.g, a bus reversing at top speed on a road shared by pedestrians.


  1. Be fit:

To stay safe on some Lagos street requires you to be able to run in the event you see some group or an individual approaching were you are, and shouting or with dangerous items. Run and look for a safe place to hide. Ask questions later.


  1. Don’t be a Zebra: That might sound funny to you, and I am sure you want to know what I meant by not being a zebra. The “Zebra crossings” rule is rarely obeyed by commercial bus drivers and even some private drivers, so in your best interest, it is safety smart to always ensure the road is free before crossing.

Have a safetysmart strolling